Repurposed Tin Can Basket using a Party Napkin

napkin basket

I went in the kitchen and a tin can was sitting on the counter!  My hubby always saves stuff for me “in case”  I need it.  I used to make oodles of tin can dolls so he is used to saving cans for me.  Finding the can on the counter was inspiration for me to finally make this idea for a tin can “basket” using a cocktail napkin.  It looks cute hanging on the front door and since it is covered in a good coat of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge, it is waterproof.

tin can basket

I used a large can, but any size works and the sky is the limit to how you can use the decorated cans.  They can hold flowers, or candles….anything!

tin can basket paint white and punch holes

Step One:  Paint the can white and punch a hole in each side after the paint is dry.  NOTE: if you don’t have a base coat of white paint, the napkin design will NOT pop!

tin can basket peel napkin layers

Step Two:  Separate the layers of the napkin, so only the top layer is left.


tin can basket coat with modpodge

Step Three:  Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to adhere the napkin to the can.  After that layer is dry, cover the top with another layer of Mod Podge so it will be water safe.

tin can with handle

Step Four: Use heavy wire to make a handle.  (I used 16 gauge annealed wire.)


tin can ready for what.

Make a bunch of cans to match your cocktail napkins.  They can decorate the table with flowers, or be useful on the buffet to hold stuff like flatware or bread sticks.


napkin basket

Isn’t it fun to use napkins as an unexpected craft material?


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