Thrift Store Glass Knobs and an old Picket

glass knob rack

This idea has been around the internet forever…but the supplies for it came together a few weeks ago when I wandered into a thrift store in my old hometown Longview, Washington.  I couldn’t resist buying the bag of glass knobs because the price was too good to pass up…. $6.00 for six!

Longview Thrift Store bonanza picket idea

I already had the pine picket which I bought at a vintage hardware store several years ago.  It was already painted white….so my upcycle was a matter of spacing out the glass knobs, drilling the holes and threading the knobs on to the picket.


glass knob rack


I took this photo in my dining room, which is not going to be the coat racks home.  I already have a coat rack I love in another room so I must decide if I need to make room for it in my studio where I can organize my necklace supplies or in the entryway where I can hang my finished necklaces that are ready to go to Sunrose Gallery or list on Etsy.  Guess I’ll need a quarter to toss for that decision!

I love serendipity.  The price was too good to pass up on the glass knobs + a white picket that I had no idea what to make = a rack dedicated to displaying my whimsical necklaces.

glass knob rack

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