Thrift Store Seagull Driftwood Windchime

seagull windchime feature

I make driftwood wind chimes to sell at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.  My hubby and I gather wood at the beach and fill up supply tubs in the garage.  It is fun to go through the “stash” and find pieces that are just right!


seagull windchime start

I got this ceramic wind chime with pretty white seagulls at a thrift store for $1.00!  There are enough seagulls to make two wind chimes.  YAY!

seagull windchime start 2

I like driftwood that has a weathered gray patina.

seagull windchime center 1

Some folks simply drill holes at the top and bottom to assemble a wind chime.  I personally like to wire wrap the pieces because the swirls add a lot of personality to the final wind chime.

seagull windchime center 3

To attach the side wires, I make a swirl and bend the wire BACKWARDS to create tension so the wire stays in place.  NOTE:  I use wire cutters to grab the wire and twist it to be taut.


seagull windchime top

I make the tension held swirls on each side of the middle piece of driftwood.  Then the wire is bent to get the hanging pieces close enough to “clang”.


seagull windchime bottom 1

I used jump rings to attach sturdy chain sections to each ceramic seagull piece.

seagull windchime chain

The chain sections easily “swirl” on to the bottom of the middle piece.

seagull windchime bottom 2

The finishing touch is a pretty white shell to add to the hanging pieces to create a “clanger”.

seagull windchime feature

I have all the supplies to make a matching wind chime perfect for a tourist to take home to remember a happy vacation at our little beach here on the Oregon Coast!



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