Twenty-five Pieces of Driftwood

25 pieces of whitewash driftwood for blog

LittleLaLaOriginals is my Etsy shop that has been on the back burner for the last year.  I like to make really unusual window treatments but my enthusiasm for making window valances has been neutralized by the shot of inspiration I feel dreaming up new crafts.  Make a valance?   YAWN!!!!

25 pieces of whitewash driftwood start

I gathered driftwood recently in hopes it would make me get my rear in gear to make a 25 piece whitewashed valance that I call “Romancing the Home”.  It is very shabby chic with glass teardrops at each bottom.


25 pieces pile

I whitewash each piece using regular interior wall paint that has been slightly diluted with water.


25 pieces closeup


After the pieces are dry I use 17 gauge galvanized steel wire to make a swirl at each top and bottom, then I attach a teardrop to each bottom.  After I get started, it is relaxing and fun to wire wrap each piece…the problem seems to be getting started!  LOL


25 pieces of whitewash driftwood for blog

It has been my practice when one “Romancing the Home” valance sells, to make another one immediately because it is a staple in my Etsy shop.  Out of curiousity I checked when the last “Romancing” sold….oops July 2018!  July 2018 is when I decided to try to blog a new craft everyday and almost a year later, I have accomplished that goal.

So my “Romancing the Home” got made this morning and it will be a balancing act to better divide my time between my love for blogging and nurturing my Etsy shops!




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