Repurposed Little Golden Book Clock

golden book feature

I joke that there is nothing that can’t be turned into a clock!  It was so fun to turn this Little Golden Book into one using annealed wire and wood beads and a mini quartz clock works.

golden book clock

I found this book on Ebay when I was searching for something “interesting”.  It was in pretty good condition and the price was right with free shipping.

golden book side

Step One:  Use glue or decoupage medium (I like Diamond Glaze by Judikins) to cover all the sides of the book and sprinkle with glitter to cover the edges completely.  I used gold glitter but black would have been a good choice also.

golden book top

Step Two:  Attach pieces of 16 gauge black annealed wire (get it in the concrete section at Home Depot) at the back of the book with hot glue and stack wood beads on in a whimsical pattern.  Curl the tops of the wire.


golden book bottom

Step Three:  Curl and twist a long piece of 16 gauge annealed wire to make a whimsical bottom decoration and attach at the back with hot glue.


golden book back

Step Four:  Remove the attached “book clock hands” and drill a hole for a mini quartz clock works and secure it to the book with the nut that is included in the kit.  NOTE:  most mini quartz clock movements are “self hanging” so you don’t have to make a hanger on the back of the book clock.


golden book feature

That’s it…. less that a half hour to turn the book into a clock.  A clock like this can brighten any room and is the perfect idea for a collector to use a book that isn’t in excellent condition!


  1. Such a nifty, creative idea. This has to be one of your best I think! I can see kids loving this as way to learn how to tell time. Their own little golden book clock!


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