Mermaid Party Cake Topper

seas the day cake topper

I have just wasted one hour trying to find the photo I took of the round lids and lace that covers them as a before photo for this napkin inspired mermaid cake topper.  The round lids have been sitting in a drawer for a few years and always reminded me of a stacked cake.

seas start 1

I found these mermaid napkins on Ebay and imagined a little girls mermaid theme birthday party with the napkins at every table setting with this sweet mermaid cake topper sitting on the top of a sea themed cake.

seas the day bottom closeup

I painted the metallic gold lids white and covered the edges with different styles of fabric trim that I have purchased at garage sales with a few shells decorating the front and small shells decorating the top edge.

seas the day

I was happy to discover the napkin was the mirror image when folded, so I covered one side of a piece of cardstock with Mod Podge and placed a bamboo skewer and smoothed one side of the napkin.  After that was dry, I used Mod Podge to secure the other side of the mermaid napkin.  When I cut the mermaid out, she was the same on both sides!

seas the day cake topper

Next I cut out the words and placed them at a jaunty angle, plus covered the skewer with some glitter glue and poked it in the round lid “cake”.

I am not much of a baker so I went to Google images to find some cake ideas that would be fun to feature the mermaid cake topper:

seas 1

I think the cream tones would be so cute for my Seas The Day instead of this shell themed toppper.

seas 3

Ha!  A perfect base for my mermaid!

seas 2

I have no idea how you get such a perfect design….but it would be cute for my topper!

seas the day cake topper

I love the message of the napkin……

Seas the day!



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