Dog Napkin Barrette and Fob

dog barrette feature

I don’t know who dreamed up the idea of whimsical paper napkins, but I sure am glad they did!  Every once in a while I check out an Ebay site that has over 1500 listings of napkins meant for crafters because the listing is for only two.  If you search for “decoupage napkins” the sky is the limit.

dog barrette napkins

Since dog themed art sells, I think I hit the jackpot with these napkins!  I have already had fun playing with the dog breed napkin and I thought this dachshund would work perfect on a garage sale barrette.

dog barrette supplies

These cost 25 cents each!



barrette makeover start

STEP ONE: Separate the layers of the napkin removing the two bottom layers.


dog fob 2

STEP TWO:  Cover the top of the area with white paint.

dog fob

STEP THREE:  apply decoupage medium to the top and secure napkin piece.  After that is dry apply a coat to the top.  I use Diamond Glaze by Judikins but Mod Podge works great too.

dog barrette feature

These make good bazaar items that can be priced reasonable and is a great craft to keep kids busy on a rainy day in the summer!

dog napkin feature

I am getting my moneys worth out of the dog breed napkin for sure!



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