Clam Shell “Fortune Cookies”

beach fortune clamshells

What’s a trip to the beach without taking home some free craft supplies?  If you come here to the North Coast of Oregon, the beach is littered with shells.  I went down to my neighborhood beach this weekend and gathered a big pile of clam shells in about 15 minutes.

clam shell 2

I went with the idea of gathering shells for a beautiful lavender clam shell wreath and needed larger shells,  but as I was picking up the smaller shells that were still attached to each other  it dawned on me they were “fortune cookie-esque”!

clam shell 1

Since I was using a grocery bag to gather the shells, I attracted a wistful old seagull who was hoping my lunch was inside!

beach fortune clamshells


I thought clam shell “fortune cookies” would be so fun to end a beachy BBQ or any beach themed party.  Just bring out a plate of them at the end of the meal… just they do at your local Chinese restaurant.

clam shell 3

STEP ONE:  Wash and dry the clam shells.

clam shell 5

STEP TWO:  Use glue to make a glittery edge on the clam shell,  I made my glitter show on the inside and outside of each shell.

clam inside

STEP THREE:  use glue stick to attach a “fortune” inside.



STEP FOUR: I like to cut the piece of muscle that sticks up so there isn’t a “bump” in the mandala paper.

clam shell 4

I got this set of mandala’s from an Etsy shop.  It is a good investment to have some good clip art.  Just search for PNG mandala’s on Etsy.


beach fortune start

STEP FIVE : The mandala will not lay flat on the shell surface so place some hot glue only in the center of the mandala  to attach it to the shell.

beach fortune 1

STEP SIX:  Cut close  to the edge of the shell.

beach fortune 3

STEP SEVEN:  Use hot glue to secure each edge to the shell.

beach fortune end

STEP EIGHT:  have fun decorating each shell.  I only decorated the tops with paint pens, felt pens and of course, some Ranger Stickles glitter glue!

beach fortune clamshells

The clip art mandala holds the clam shell together until you run a fingernail in between the glittered edge and you can pry the two pieces apart to the see the message. I used “Sweetheart” candy quips as my inspiration for the fortunes.

I had no idea I was going to be making clam shell fortune cookies a few hours ago, it is so fun to find inspiration just about everywhere you go.  YAY!


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