All the Fishes in the Sea Art Doll

fishes doll feature

This little art doll came about because of a happy surprize.  I had sorted through some forgotten supplies and set some of the elements next to each other.  When I came back in the room, suddenly I could picture the little box, candlestick and glass fishies as an art doll proclaiming “I love you more than all the fishes in the sea”.


fishes face vogue

I harvested the face from a Vogue magazine cover.  All you do is squirt a good amount of hot glue on the back of a clear flat marble and cut it out when the hot glue cools!

fishes face

I drilled some holes for the head and “arms” and attached the head at a jaunty angle.  A clip art mandala became her collar and was finished with a ribbon rose.


fishes closeup

A piece of ArtEmboss copper metal foil was attached to the front with the message written in black permanent marker and decorated with gold felt pen.


The sides were decorated with some leftover pendulum clock bobs covered in clip art mandalas.

fishes fish

The glass fish were suspended from the 16 gauge black annealed wire “arms” to complete the theme of “fishes in the sea.”

This little art doll is something that will be perfect in a beachy cottage decorating the mantle or book case here at the North Coast of Oregon!

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