Repurposed Measuring Spoons Wind Chime

dotted wind chime feature

I have so many boxes of this and that….stored because I couldn’t think of anything to do with it.  Today I decided to try making a little wind chime, something Sunrose Gallery has plenty of ceiling space to display.


dotted wind chime

I purchased the measuring spoons from a clearance rack and the red ceramic pieces from Goodwill years ago.



dotted wind chime top

STEP ONE:  Make a swirl for the top of the wind chime to hang.


dotted wind chime metal pieces

STEP TWO:  Bend 8″ pieces of 18 gauge wire in half forming a loop.  Thread each loop into the intersection of the bottom of the loop above like the photo.


dotted wind chime strands

STEP THREE: Cut 9″ pieces of 18 gauge wire and fill with silver toned beads with red bead accents.


dotted wind chime feature

STEP FOUR:  Make a loop at the end of each top wire and secure the bead strands to each end by curling it shut.  Add one bead strand to the middle to make it clang!

It was fun to use up these supplies that have sat around for years.  YAY!

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