Practicing What I Preach

timex feature

I am always telling folks, get your memories out of the computer or drawer and make them into something useful so today I am following my own advice!  I decided to make a photo copy of this fabulous picture of  Mom and 1 year old me into a memory I can wear.

timex start

I went through my old jewelry box and found these old pieces of memorabilia from my childhood.  I was four years old when I got the ring.  The girl scout pin was from my “flying up” ceremony from Brownies to Girl Scouts when I was eight.  The Timex watch was a birthday present for my 9th year.  I got the wood mouse pin at my 12 year birthday party and the bracelet was a high school graduation gift.


timex pattern

The Timex watch lasted for at least 3 years and I wore it everyday because it made me feel so grown up!  Since I have kept it in my jewelry box for 58 years I guess it was pretty special gift….from Mom of course.

STEP ONE: Make a photo copy and cut out the image.

STEP TWO: Decoupage the image to the watch face.  (I like to use Diamond Glaze by Judikins because it is clear.)

STEP THREE: Cover the face of the image with decoupage medium.

timex closeup

The braid band didn’t fit!  But I adapted it to fit by expanding the back with a jump ring and lobster clasp.


timex back

WA LAH!  No reason to have the watch sitting in the jewelry box….especially since I don’t wear a real watch anymore  :  )  A bracelet is fun and a conversation starter to boot!


timex feature

This is a fun and easy craft to do.  Most folks have watches that don’t work in their jewelry box, hopefully this will inspire someone to make a wearble memory!

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