Necklace Update: Add A Pop Of Color

pop of color

It’s fun to think out of the box!  When I found this necklace stuffed in the bottom of a junk jewelry jar I got at Goodwill, no fabulous ideas popped into my head how to give it an update.


pop of color start

After a while the idea occured to me this necklace could use a pop of color.  I could have used E6000 to attach colorful beads to the center holes, but I was curious if colorful wires could be attached, would they stay in place?

pop of color

I have this cool collection of 20 gauge copper colored wire so I threaded a bead on the wire and attached it to the necklace jump rings.


pop of color closeup

A twist of the wire with my small needle nose pliers made the wires fit snug on the flat gold rounds and they stay in place.  YAY.

pop of color

I love the pop of color from the mardi gras beads plus the colorful wire.  I can wear this necklace to brighten an outfit, but since the update is removable if I get a new idea they can be easily removed.

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