Bangle Bracelet Mixed Media

bangle tree

I buy jars of junk jewelry from Goodwill all the time and they usually have a few metal bangle bracelets tucked inside.  I thought it would be fun to use one of them to define the outline of a tree top.

bangle tree background

I buy stacks of  frames from Dollar Tree and started with some pretty scrapbook paper for a whispy background.

bangle tree beginning

I cut out a tree trunk shape and “painted” it with silver felt pen as a base for  old necklace chain.  E6000 works great to adhere the chains…just squirt a rope of glue and lay the chain down in layers.  After all the chain is secured to the paper trunk, use E6000 to attach a bangle bracelet to form the outline of the tree.


bangle tree supplies

Cut out the tree shape and cover the bottom edge of the trunk.  I used a piece of ArtEmboss that was embossed with the word “STAND”.  I typed up inspirational sayings associated with trees and found a collection of leaf charms in my drawer.

bangle tree

To assemble:  Use glue stick to attach the sayings to the scrapbook paper background and put the scrapbook paper under the glass as you would a photograph.  After the frame is put back together, use E6000 to attach the tree to the front of the glass and decorate the tree top with silver toned leaf charms.  Use two fern charms at the base of the tree and attach a whimsical dragonfly at a jaunty angle.

This project is fast and easy plus economical. Little inspirational assemblages make great bazaar inventory and are a quick and easy gift to make.  5 x 7 pieces fit into gallery walls or look great sitting on the mantle or filling up a hole on the bookcase!

It was fun to turn the bangle bracelet into the tree top and I have some new projects in mind for the ziplock bag of them in my drawer!

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