Free Printable HOPE Greeting Card and Tutorial


hope greeting card feature

Greeting cards are fun and easy to make……once you FINALLY get an idea!  LOL  Acrostics are a way to say a lot without being “wordy”.  If you Google  “acrostic poem ideas” on Goggle Images,  a bunch of examples fill up the screen in a matter of seconds.


hope text message

Thanks to my Mom, I didn’t have to work at all for an idea! I got a text from her with the acrostic spelled out, how easy is that?  Thanks again, MOM!


hope magazine font

I thought it would be fun to use my FREE magazine fonts for most of the first letters and a paper flower for the letter “O”.  I used glue stick to attach them to the 10 x 7 piece of cardstock.

Step ONE:  Go through some magazines and  cut out larger fonts for the first letters of the acrostic words. Use glue stick to attach them to the cardstock.


hope typed words

STEP TWO:  print out “old”, “atiently”, “xpecting” in your choice of colors.  Cut them out and attach with glue stick.  Use hot glue to attach a paper flower if you have one.

hope personalized thought

At the last minute I decided to personalize it with “I am hoping and praying for you!”

Since it is easy as pie to make a free printable, I made a pdf. you that you can click and print.  The pdf is for a full size A7 greeting card to give away or use as inspiration for your own magazine font card.



Click and Print:



hope greeting card whimziville photo for pdf


 Try Google Images For Ideas!




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