Happy Fourth of July Wall Hanging

twig feature

I scored at Pier One Imports recently…I got four of these twig placemats for $1.25 each!  The twig placemat wall hangings turned out to be my most successful placemat  makeover.  I have a ziplock sandwich bag full of red white and blue ephemera, so the supplies were already at hand.

placemat start

I can hardly wait to make four wall hangings….thanks, Pier One Imports!

twig feature

I made the first wall hanging for Sunrose First Saturday ArtWalk in April and it sold within 2 hours of hanging on the wall.  WOW.


twig wall hanging decoupaged shells

I know from experience all it takes is one idea to get the creative juices flowing.  Isn’t it fun to decoupage Dollar Tree white shells with napkins that have gold stars on them?  Once you have shells with stars on them, it is easy to be inspired to fill  the placemat with rows of patriotic stuff.


twig wall hanging military bars

I got these actual military ribbon bars at a garage sale and since they were a little rough looking, I covered them with some little gold stars and placed them in an arch.


twig wall hanging wood star and flag pin

I’ve had this wood star FOREVER!  It never worked on any of my ideas.  Now it was a perfect fit for the focal point center with a garage sale lapel pin.


twig wall hanging sea biscuits





Next, some sea biscuits in a little row.

twig wall hanging lobster tablecloth weights

Last but not least some plastic lobsters (tablecloth corner weights)  that have been in the red white and blue bag since last summer.

Everything was attached with hot glue and I tied a coarse piece of twine at the top to make a hanger.

twig feature

This is an easy craft and is a good way to use little crafting odds and ends to make a fun wall hanging!

Have a Happy 4th!




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