Repurposed Silverplate Lazy Susan

silverplate lazy susan filled

Don’t be afraid to try drilling through old metal trays…it is unbelievably easy and is a good way to make a shabby chic organizer like the one I made for myself.  I dug through my hubbies collection of drill bits and selected the fattest one.


silverplate lazy susan

I found the black metal “fitter hardware” pieces at Goodwill, however I found them on Ebay for less than I paid for this set.  All you do is mark the center, and drill a hole!  Then assemble the fitters with washers and a bottom screw.



hardware 3 tier crown metal cake

If you click on this image, it will take you to ebay where you can get the fitter hardware for a song!


silverplate bottom screw

Because my bottom tray didn’t have feet or a rim (like a plate would have), I had to “lift” it up and since I had an old plastic turning lazy susan organizer, I used hot glue to attach plastic beads that would lift the tray so the bottom screw would have a place to rest flat.


silverplate bottom full

silverplate bottom start

I used a dab of E6000 on the top of each bead so the tray wouldn’t move around as it sat on top of the turn around.

silverplate lazy susan filled

There!  a shabby chic organizer that spins…fast and easy.

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