If At First You Don’t Succeed (Part 2)

love gives you wings feature

Last post, I explained how some unsold art came back home, and with a new theme and some little changes this piece can have new life.




Evidently this whimsical piece had too serious of a message to find a home!


Even though the piece didn’t sell, I thought the artwork fully represented the idea.  Oh well, I like a challenge and reworking this piece was going to be fun.

love gives you wings feature_3

I used a clip art face to replace the gal with the glasses.  I liked the angelic quality of this one.

love gives you wings feature_4

A quick coat of the same black paint phased out the gold pen words and as I went through my collection of phrases, “love gives you wings” was a perfect fit considering the wings already attached to the doll!

love gives you wings feature

This mixed media piece is an exact representation of my art:  repurposed box background and wings purchased at garage sales, paper clay legs and arms, plus FREE magazine font phrases.  With any luck this updated piece will find a new home soon!

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