Free Printable Recycled Frida Greeting Card

frida feature greeting card front

It all started because I wanted to clear out a cupboard that held 10+ years of art magazines!

frida start

It took a lot of resolve to sort through the magazines, tearing out images that were:

  1.  Pretty
  2. Had a cool sentiment
  3. Interesting art.

frida let it befrida sheet musicfrida words

I ripped each page and sorted according to color and clipped words that could be glued to Frida’s “dress”.

frida set

I made a bottle shape to represent Frida’s body and tried to cut in a way that would accent the words on the magazine page or the most interesting part of the image.

frida color wings

I already had a clip art image of fairie wings and I played with them in my photo software to get a variety of colors to match my artsty bodies.


frida set with wings

Next, it was fun to match the wing and body colors!

frida greeting cards set

When I was cleaning my studio I found a stack of 30 embossed blank cards, so I filled them lickety split and added a sentiment from the stack on Frida’s “dress”,  if there wasn’t already some words.  I already had a Frida face clip art image I purchased online years ago I printed a page with 30 of them in neat rows.

I think it is so fun to finally have a cupboard with a reasonable amount of art magazines.  (I kept all the Paper, Cloth and Scissors because they have a lot of technical instruction)  How many pretty pages do I have left?  About 100!  So I can make many more greeting cards….now that I have used up all the embossed frame cards, I am printing out cardstock with my “Chatty Patty” on the back.

If you like my whimsical Frida, feel free to click and print to your hearts content AND be inspired to make some Frida Fairies of your own!  FYI: the greeting card prints on a full size piece of card stock and after printing, you will fold it in half and trim 1/2″ on the side and 1″ from the top and 1/2″ on the bottom.


ATTENTION:  I recently listed Frida Greeting Cards in my Etsy Shop!

Click and Print:

frida card photo original







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