Salvaged Driftwood Wall Hanging

driftwood wall hanging feature

I rarely close the hallway door to my studio so I don’t notice the stuff that is hanging on the wall behind the door.  We had out of town guests last weekend and I sipped my morning cup of coffee in the studio with the door shut.  This metal ring had been harvested from a lampshade that I had torn apart and the idea for this wall hanging popped into my imagination as I was sitting with my coffee.

driftwood wall hanging pieces

After a quick trip to the garage I found some cool pieces of driftwood, one long one for the top and some thin ones to hang down.

driftwood wall hanging drill holes

Step One:  decide where to drill holes for the driftwood pieces and bead strands.

Step Two:  wire wrap the long piece on each side of the ring.

driftwood wall hanging center section

Step Three: Wire wrap the pieces of driftwood and attach them to the ring at the bottom.  Make bead strands attaching them at the bottom also.

Step Four:  Cover the wire loops at the top with moss or lichen.

driftwood wall hanging decor

Step Five:  Since there was a large “V” shaped space that needed filling, I used a metal charm “salvaged” and an old skeleton key to fill the space plus add interest.

driftwood wall hanging feature

This was an easy project that came to be because of serendipity!  Isn’t that fun?


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