Free Printable Card: Llama Love

llama feature for blog

Walking around Seaside on our nightly walk I noticed that llamas are EVERYWHERE:


llama book

This llama themed book was front and center in the display at Seaside Beach Books.

llama terhars

Our local fashion boutique Ter Hars displays this darling llama pitcher,  I guess the whimsical decoration on the llama is beachy!

llama yarn shop

It makes sense for the new yarn shop to have a llama in the window, since they sell llama fiber called Royal Llama Silk.

llama inca

Another practical place to find llamas is the imported wool clothing shop Inca.  It was fun to find the darling authentic wool llamas.

llama world market

Also getting in on the llama craze is another world import shop here in Seaside, Oregon named World Market.

You know me, if llamas are in vogue, that means someone will be interested in greeting cards with llamas on them.  That is what inspired me to make this whimsical card with a play on the words.


llama feature for blog

I made a 5 x 7 card front that you are welcome to print ( CLICK AND PRINT BELOW) as many times as you want. Here is how I made it and it would be easy for you to make your own version or do as a project with the kids.

Step One:  fold a piece of cardstock in half and remove 1/2″ on the side and top. Remove 1″ from the bottom.  (This will make your card fit in a A7 size envelope.)

Step Two:  place a strip of washi tape on the top and bottom of the card leaving about 1/2″ space at each end.

Step Three:  cut out a clip art image of a llama (just Google free llama clip art) and color it with felt pens.

Step Four:  cut out magazine font letters to spell “llove you llots” as a play on the llama spelling.

Isn’t this an easy card?  The perfect card for a llama lover!  Make your own or simply click and print my version!


Click and Print:

llama card photo for pdf

FYI: after printing on cardstock, fold in half and cut 1/2″ from top and side and 1″ from bottom to fit an A7 size envelope.

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