Wall OR Window? Beaded Macrame Ring Idea

wall window feature

Hmmm….I just used up all my macrame rings that have been laying around on a new craft idea that started out as a wall hanging to use up my HUGE collection of beads.

wall window feature (2)

When I put the wall hanging on my diningroom wall to photograph, I liked how the beaded hanging looked on my wall, but I had the brainstorm: this would look great hanging in the window like folks hang pretty stained glass art.

I like it best in the window as a piece of art the light can show through.  However it looks super-cool on the wall and would really be a statement piece for a wall grouping!

Since I liked how the brown toned beads looked I couldn’t help myself, I had four gold macrame rings and the possibilities are endless.

wall window brights

I love the bright bead collection….so cheerful in the window….

wall window bright wall


….but it is darling on the wall!

Seriously I can’t decide which I like best…but that makes me think I have two markets for this craft, someone who wants something for their window or their wall!

wall window turq.

Next post, I will give a tutorial with tips how I made the wall hangings.  I love the natural turquoise beads.

wall window turq wall

I think I prefer this hanging on the wall….what do you think?


I only had one more ring with 100 more ideas for beaded wall hangings!  I won’t get more rings until these sell.

wall window amber

This hanging features some pretty amber stained glass pieces.  I like it in the window because it is artsy.

wall window amber wall

Here it is on the wall.

I think it is prettier on the wall!

As promised next post I will show closeups how to attach the wire to the rings and my supply list!

wall window feature

After it is said and done, this fall toned beaded hanging is my favorite!


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