Goodbye Turtles, Hello Mermaid

goodbye turtle feature

Every few months I get a box of stuff returned to me of things  that had a chance to sell, but for whatever reason didn’t fly out the gallery.


The right turtle lover didn’t see my interpretation of the “porthole” view of some cute clip art turtles that they just couldn’t live without!  LOL


The “porthole” was one of the round wood frames that I got at a rummage sale last year and added “rivets”  ( brass brads) to simulate a porthole.

goodbye turtle closeup

It was fun to come up with a different finish for each of the four portholes!

goodbye turtle face

I have a coffee table book of vintage faces and thought this image would make a perfect shy mermaid afraid to peer into the porthole.

goodbye turtle

Of course she needed a crown! It was easy to cut up some window screen and decorate with shells, moss, lichen (that I found on my walk the other day) plus the last of a pearl necklace from a garage sale.

goodbye turtle feature

This sweet “porthole” makeover has returned to Seaside Sunrose Gallery for another chance to sell.  Cross my fingers!

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