Free Printable Christmas Card Makeover Advent Calendar

advent topsy advent feature

This image was on a Christmas greeting card and I scanned it into my computer, changing the colors and saturation with my photo software.


advent topsy christmas card start

Supplies:  Buttons, magnets, free printout and a sheet metal shingle (I get mine at Ace Hardware…take a magnet with you to make sure the metal is magnetized.)


advent topsy ornament closeup

Decorate colorful buttons with rhinestone gems (I got mine at Michael’s Craft Store.)


advent topsy font

Use FREE magazine font to spell out Christmas Time.


advent topsy advent feature

Step One:  Spray paint the piece of sheet metal shingle black, when it is dry use a paint pen to decorate with swirls.

Step Two: Print the tree, cut it out and decorate with glitter glue.

Step Three:  Cut out magazine font to say “Christmas Time” and adhere with glue stick.

Step Four: Assemble button “ornaments” with rhinestones and a glue a magnet on each back.

Step Five:  Attach a hanger on the back of the sheet metal shingle using E6000.

Click and Print:

advent whimsical tree pattern jpeg for pdf




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