Pizza Pan Advent Calendar Free Printable

advent pizza pan feature

I hunted 5 Goodwill stores to find a pizza pan to no avail!  I wanted to have an inexpensive alternative to make a large variation of this advent calendar for the Christmas bazaar.


advent victorian pizza panI

I found one for $5.99 at our local kitchen supply shop.  It is more fun to create with used items….oh well.


advent pizza pan

These metal toned buttons were decorated with cool rhinestone gems I found at Michael’s Craft store.


advent pizza pan rhinestones

The package of gems was enough to upgrade buttons for 4 advent calendars!


advent pizza pan button closeup

I used two gems on each button attaching them with hot glue.

advent pizza pan feature

Step One:  Use spray paint on the pizza pan and let dry.

Step Two: Print out tree and chalkboard numbers.

Step Three:  Put magnets on the backs of buttons.

Step Four:  Use glue stick to adhere tree and chalkboard numbers.

Step Five: decorate the tree and pizza pan and add a hanger to the back with E6000.







  1. FYI, Dollar Tree sells pizza pans for, you guessed it, $1.00. Since you’re making to sell that makes a big difference in profits.


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