Repurposed Watch Angel Ornament

watch face angel feature

Serendipity hit again!  I was trying to find something in my basket of repurposing supplies.  Most things are collections of garage sale junk in Ziplock sandwich bags.  When I was piling all the bags into the wire basket, the bag of watch faces was sitting next to a bag of silver heart ornaments.  My head visualized the angel ornament.  Thanks to seredipity!

I am featured artist at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon and my theme is “Merry Christmas Time”.  These ornaments really blend with my theme of TIME.

watch face angel pieces start

I found these Tim Holtz wings at Michael’s Craft Store and could have used them but because I am cheap (LOL) I used some ArtEmboss foil to make my own wings.  This set cost $10.00.

watch face angel

It is fun to make purchased craft supplies stretch by using them to make my own version.  Since the foil is on the thin side, I strengthened them by hot gluing plastic triangles on their backs.

watch face angel head start

Step One.  Cut a piece of heavy paper the size of your watch face.  Use hot glue to attach the watch face to the paper using the hanging loop to sandwich in between the paper back and the back side of the watch.

watch face angel face front

Step Two:  Hold the watch face until the hot glue has cooled.

watch face angel back

This is how it will look after the paper strip is glued.

watch face angel back glue

Step Three:  Lift some of the back ornament lid and squirt hot glue so it will be secure enough to bear the weight of the watch face.


watch face angel glue string

Step Four: add a hanger to the back and cover with card stock.

watch face angel (2)

Step 6: add the wings and crown at a jaunty angle.

watch face angel feature

These angels flew together and I had enough watches to make five of them for December ArtWalk!





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