Low Sodium Muffin Recipe & Free Printable Recipe Greeting Card

low sodium greeting card feature

Since I got a new food processor, I have been playing in the kitchen.  My husband has been put on a low sodium diet and I have been joining him in omitting sodium. It is amazing how much sodium is added to EVERYTHING!  I purchased some low sodium baking soda which is a big step to lowering the sodium levels in baked goods and in this recipe I simply don’t add the salt that was in the original ingredient list.  When I took the “featured photo” it looked so cute, I decided to make a greeting card for folks to print out with the recipe on the back.

carrot raisin muffin

My hubby really likes these and I am happy to make a couple dozen every week because I can make them with the food processor in about 15 minutes per batch.  The sodium count for each muffin is 68 milligrams which is low enough for him to have several each day.

There is something about a cold drizzly winter day that makes it fun to warm up the oven and fill up the house with spicy scents!




carrot raisin recipe

NOTE:  I neglected to put “1/2 cup” for raisins.  OOPS!

To print the card, click and print on a piece of cardstock.  Fold along the middle edge of the bamboo placemat.  Then trim the long edge to 5″ and cut some of the top and bottom to 7″.  This card will fit an A7 envelope.



jpeg for pdf low sodium muffin


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