Dollar Tree Tin Ornaments

dollar tree tin ornaments

I was strolling through Dollar Tree and spied this adorable penguin themed tin container.  It is unbelievably easy to cut tin if you have some wire cutters.  The tin cuts “like butter”.

dollar tree tin start

Each penguin has so much personality!  I made bead strands about 4″ long to compliment the colors of each penguin.

dollar tree lid

My wire cutters are well used  LOL!

dollar tree tin ornaments


Step One:  Use wire cutters to cut out each penguin and a “deck the halls”

Step Two: Use a metal file to smooth all the edges and corners.

Step Three: Punch holes in the tops and bottoms of each piece penguin and one corner of the deck the halls piece.

Step Four:  Make bead strands and attach to the bottom hole.

Step Five:  Cut a piece of wire to attach the “Deck the halls”

Step Six:  Make a wire hanger and attach to the top hole.


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