Merry, Merry Christmas!


Merry Merry Christmas!  I made two new tabletop cone Christmas trees and used up a lot of my button collections.

 button tree

I didn’t have a lot of white buttons, so I used up ornate trims I got at some garage sales this year.  I was fun to make rows of buttons and fill in the rest of the design with the trims.

colorful button tree

For this tree, I covered the cone with green glitter before I used hot glue to attach the buttons.  It turned out very whimsical!  As an artist, I am always looking for a whimsical slant on Christmas, but “Jesus is the reason for the Season!”

When I was browsing the internet I found a wonderful Christian poem about a Christmas tree that was very thought provoking.  The author is Louis Gander, and I love the Christmas message from a Christian point of view!

        The Christmas Tree Story

by Louis Gander

If Jesus told a story
about a Christmas tree,
would Christmas lights be mentioned
in ways that make us see?

Would He describe the garland
and other fancy things –
like mistletoe and sparkles
and pretty angel wings?

Would He mention ornaments
and colorful designs?
Would He explain the colors –
why present wrappings shine?

Or would He paint a picture
of something more oblique –
of something more descriptive –
of something more unique?

Would His tree not have needles –
but rather be quite grim?
Would His tree not have branches –
except a couple limbs?

Would ornaments be mentioned
or dropped from His details?
Would He, Himself replace them –
along with cruel nails?

Would thorns replace the angel –
that’s perched way up on top?
Would love surround that very tree
in blood from every drop?

Would He describe the lighting
that turned so very dark?
And would the mountains echo
His final last remark?

His tree was seen by many folk,
remembered their own way –
but it was very different,
and priceless still today.

If Jesus told the story
about His Christmas tree –
would it have any impact
on folks today, like me?

Thank You Jesus!


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