Dollar Tree Birch Wood Slice Winter Wreath

dohaniuk feature

I love going down the craft supply aisle at Dollar Tree, especially when they get the “new season” items in stock.  I put two packages of these birch tree slices in my basket wondering if I could make a faux wood burning craft.  The last thing I need is an actual wood burning iron, but I like the rustic look of wood burning!

dohaniuk start

I found a fantastic font that was “wood burning-esque” on 1001 and printed out the font sample.


dohaniuk 3 steps

Step One:  Cut out each letter and use Dishwasher Safe ModPodge to adhere the letter plus cover the whole top of the slice so it will be weatherproof.  After the ModPodge is completely dry, use a felt pen to darken the letter to make it look wood burned.

dohaniuk wood back

dohaniuk wood front



Step Two:  Cut a 12″ piece of 20 gauge black annealed wire and swirl one end.  Use two staples (I used my heavy duty staple gun) to secure the wire to the wood slice.

dohaniuk whimsical

Step Three:  attach each wood slice to the wreath form.  My first version was whimsical with the slices at jaunty angles.

dohaniuk feature

After fiddling with the slices I decided they looked best lined up in an orderly row.  I got out the ladder and harvested some pine cones from the backyard and used some faux birch leaves I yanked from a Pier One Imports placemat to finish the theme.

I am looking forward to March 19…. the first day of spring.  Until then, it is sort of nice to celebrate winter with a rustic woodsy wreath.

Happy New Year!

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