Repurposed Emoji Dollar Tree Napkin Craft Ideas

dollar tree napkin

Inspiration strikes at Dollar Tree again!  I walked down the party napkin aisle and these cheerful emoji napkins caught my eye.  They were easy to turn into sassy earrings, decorated paper clips, some refrigerator magnets and a key fob.

Step One:  remove the layers of the napkin so only the top layer is left.

Step Two:  cover a piece of cardstock with glue stick and adhere the napkin to it, smoothing all wrinkles and folds.

Step Three: after the glue stick has completely dried, (I used a hair dryer).

Step Four:  Cover each face with some Diamond Glaze (it turns out really shiny) and let completely dry.

Now you can cut each emoji out….


dollar tree napkin earrings

and make some sassy earrings!

dollar tree napkin paper clips

Use hot glue to turn paper clips into something fun!

dollar tree napkin magnets

Put a magnet on the back!


dollar tree napkin key fob

Or punch a little hole in one and use hot glue to attach it to a paper key tag.


dollar tree napkin

These projects would be something fun to do with the kids and I bet they could think of more ways to use those emojis!


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