Tragedy to Triumph Glass Clock

tragedy to triump feature

This is the final clock I made for my series of OOAK glass clocks.  It may not look like it but this clock has had a difficult journey!  This clock started out as a completely different clock.  LOL

thrift store plate finished

I was so happy to find this fused glass  shallow bowl at a local thrift store.  I got it for $2.00 and thought it would make an unusual clock.  I cut a piece of 20 gauge wire 24″ long and filled it with seed beads to make the awesome beaded clock face.  After the whole piece of wire was filled with seed beads, I made a tight coil and used E6000 to attach it for the clock face. Michael’s craft store had faceted tear drops which made a pretty edge. I decorated the rest of the surface with rhinestones and Ranger Stickles.


thrift store plate beaded center

It is unbelievably easy to cut a hole in glass with a diamond coated glass cutting drill bit which I order on Ebay.  I use E6000 to attach the bead clock face and faceted teardrops and rhinestones.

Now to the tragedy:  the bowl clock slipped out of my hand when I was hanging it up and broke into many pieces.  RATS!  However, the center section remained intact! WOOHOO!

tragedy to triump feature

Unwilling to admit defeat, I cut a piece of white wispy stained glass and gave the surviving piece new life with a bit of copper foil tape around the edges.

It is sort of fun to take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph!




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