Thou Shalt Love Your Mistakes?

all you need is love mixed media feature

This 10 x 10 mixed media is the product of a comedy of errors!  Because I was distracted when I placed an order on Etsy, I accidentally purchased a bunch of digital downloads that I had “saved” in my cart to decide if I really wanted to purchase them.  $18.00 later I resigned myself to using the sheet below for some new inspiration and now I also have some really cool images of Frida Kahlo’s face for fabric transfer to canvas bags to sell at Sunrose Gallery.

frida1x1sqHEART for link

I got this printable digital download  at an Etsy shop called Julry Part Z .  It is really handy to purchase someone else’s artwork!  All you do is pay for it and you immediately get to download the image to print out.  Instant gratification even if it was mistakenly ordered! LOL

all you need is love story start

The first idea that sprung in my head for the collage sheet of hearts was a way to use up seed beads.  When the #1 idea proved to be too much work  I skipped to making  (#2) repurposed plastic necklaces that have SO MANY STEPS I really don’t like making them.

I moved to idea #3 using ArtEmboss copper sheets and had fun making a bunch of necklaces.  However, I had printed out so many hearts I decided to make a Valentine piece of art.  I guess I got my money’s worth of inspiration!

all you need is love mixed media 1

STEP ONE:  Cut out hearts and glue to the canvas.

all you need is love mixed media 2

STEP TWO:  Use a black felt pen or paint pen to draw lines for borders.

all you need is love mixed media 3

STEP THREE: Decorate each “box” with paint pens.

STEP FOUR:  Use magazine font to spell out the saying.  Also,  I had some cute red plastic hearts that I hot glued to decorate the border.

all you need is love mixed media feature

This sheet of hearts was unexpected inspiration and just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Next post I will show all the jewelry creations this accidental purchase inspired.






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