When Etsy Does the Hard Work…Pendant Necklaces

ceramic necklace set feature

I have often wished I had the patience to make beautiful broken china pendant necklaces like Sunrose gallery owner Cathy Tippen makes.  I decided to order some broken china pieces from an Etsy shop and try different ways of mounting the pretty ceramic pieces to make pendant necklaces.


ceramic necklace pieces

I painted the edges of each piece with a shade of blue nail polish so the edges looked finished.  I had two silver colored pendant bails that I glued on with E6000 for the easiest transformation…all you add is the chain necklace I purchased on Esty.

ceramic necklace collection

I didn’t use all the ceramic pieces because not all of them were cut evenly.  I got 18 usable pieces and I’ll save the rest for an repurposing project.

ceramic nceklace 1

This pendant was a “grand experiment” using two filigree findings that I painted with nail polish.  I secured the findings to the back with E6000.

ceramic necklace 1 back

I really like the filigree peeking out at the top and the bottom for a whimsical mounting.

ceramic necklace 3 front

I used a larger filigree finding to hug the ceramic tile.  It was painted with a matching shade of nail polish and bent around the ceramic piece.

ceramic necklace 3 back

This pendant looks as cute from the back as it does from the front!

ceramic necklace 2 front (2)

I experimented with medium weight copper ArtEmboss making the top loop with the help of a bamboo skewer.

ceramic necklace 2 back

I secured the tile to the ArtEmboss with a good amount of E6000 and threaded a necklace chain through the little tunnel.

ceramic necklace final

These were really fun to make and I have decided to finish all the remaining pieces with the filigree findings glued at the top and bottom.

ceramic necklace collection

These were fun and fast to make and they are just in time for Spring…which is right around the corner….YAY!


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