Hello Sunshine Washi Tape Free Printable Greeting Card & Pattern

hello sunshine feature

I ran across a Pinterest page with some really cute quilts that inspired this happy greeting card featuring washi tape sunbeams and FREE magazine fonts.  It was so fast and easy to make I decided to scan it into my computer and make a FREE PRINTABLE version for you to download.  I also am including a click and print sunbeam pattern for you to make your own washi tape version to attach to a 5 x 7 card.

hello sunshine pattern

Step One:  Print TWO  sunbeams on cardstock.  Cut along the sun beams  so you can make definition for each beam and cover each one with washi tape.  Cut out a half moon on the second sunburst you printed out to use as a pattern for matching scrapbook paper “sun” center.

hello sunshine washi tape.jpg

Step Two:  cover each “beam” with washi tape and trim the ends with sharp scissors. I covered the first beams and used my scissors to trim the washi tape to exactly fit. Soon I decided it was too much work!  So I just let the pieces overlap.


hello sunshine cut half moon

Step Three:  Cut out a half moon with the 2nd print out and use it for a pattern for the center of the sun.

hello sunshine feature

Step Four:  Attach the washi tape covered sun with glue lining it up along the bottom edge of a piece of cardstock that is folded and trimmed to 5 x 7.  Finally,  add magazine font attached with glue stick at the top of the card for the friendly greeting.

I think the greeting card is so fresh and colorful….with the feeling of spring in the air!

I am providing a PDF of the sunbeam pattern for you to print to make your own washi tape greeting cards and a PDF for you to print copies of the actual greeting card.  ENJOY!



After printing this greeting card on cardstock, you will need to trim 1/2″ from each side.

Hello Sunshine jpeg for pdf

Click and Print Pattern:

Print two sunbeams.


hello sunshine pattern

Feel free to print as many greeting cards or patterns as you wish!




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