Repurposed Inspiration: Koi Napkin Necklace

koi feature

There is a fun shop in Astoria, Oregon called Luminari Arts where you never know what fun stuff you will find.  When I spied these koi fish napkins I knew they would probably make a darling statement necklace! I am so happy how it turned out plus it was really easy to make using medium weight ArtEmboss.

koi napkin start

Step One:  Separate the layers of the napkin and attach the top layer of the napkin to a piece of regular printer paper (cardstock isn’t ideal).  I rub glue stick on the paper and lay the koi fish napkin on top.  Let dry completely.

koi napkin step 2

Step Two:  Cut out koi leaving some edge,  use glue stick that is intended  for metal and attach the koi image to medium weight ArtEmboss  (or a piece of repurposed cookie tin.)  Let dry completely.

koi napkin step 3

Step Three: Cut the fish out and cover completely with Diamond Glaze (by Judikins) or other resin sealer.  Let dry several hours until completely dry.

koi napkin step four

Step Four:  Make a swirl design on the back of the ArtEmboss.

koi napkin back

Step Five:  Out of caution, I decided to support the back of the fish pendant with wire that I covered with more ArtEmboss.  Better safe than sorry!

koi feature

Step Six:  Use a tiny hole punch to attach necklace chain.  Didn’t it turn out cute?  The next one I make I am going to cut up an old cookie tin instead of the Medium  Weight ArtEmboss.

I listed this Koi Fish necklace in my Etsy Shop

It’s so fun to find unusal napkins and make OOAK pieces.

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