Pink Necklace & Junk Jar Jewlery Makeover

pink necklace makeover feature

This necklace makeover is a keeper!  I finally made something for myself, teehee.  I love making “collage necklaces” because there are no rules and it is relaxing and fun to sort through junk and assemble the necklace free form.

pink necklace supplies

My friend Lee was supervising an estate sale and texted me a photo of all the costume jewelry necklaces and I wanted this pink beauty.  Last year I visited an antique store in Astoria and got this jar of junk jewelry for $3.00 and could hardly wait to take the pink necklace pieces apart to make my new version using a lot of these pieces.

pink necklace start resized

When I have a bunch of junk beads I feel like a kid in an candy store!  I set aside the green beads for another makeover using a little tin/napkin ladybug I will feature soon.


pink necklace new view

I didn’t need to use all the elements in the original necklace because I wanted to add romance with rhinestone beads, decorative pearl and shiny auraboris glass beads. It was really fun to make each section.  I don’t worry about “balance”  because I would rather it be whimsical and free form.

pink necklace makeover section one

It’s so fun to mix it up!

pink necklace makeover section two

I don’t worry about each kind of metal matching, I think the assemblage of different metals adds charm.

pink necklace makeover section three

After I added enough sections using pearl beaded chains in the junk jar,  I used the original chain to finish the length I wanted.

pink necklace makeover feature

This necklace is perfect for spring or anytime I want to feel like it is spring!






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