Repurposed Aquafina Bottle Bird Feeder

aquafina bottle bird feeder

I admit I have a slight addiction to plastic!  When I was sipping from this aquafina bottle I wondered if it could be turned into a whimsical bird feeder.  After I hung in on a rusty nail on our backyard fence it only took about 3 minutes to get my first inquisitive customer!

aquafina start

The molded design of the plastic ridges makes it easy to paint this plastic bottle.  I used fast dry nail polish to turn it into a carnival themed bird feeder.

aquafina nail polish

I used two coats of each color and since most of the colors are fast dry the whole process of painting both coats took about 15 minutes.

aquafina start 2

Before I started covering the sections with nail polish I marked the pieces and used a punch to make holes for the wires so the pieces would be easy to assemble with wire. (I used acetone to remove the black felt pen marks.)

Cut 14″ sections of 20 gauge black annealed wire…or any wire that is at least 20 gauge.  Make loops to decorate the wire to add whimsy.  I used a paint pen to wrap around and make my loops.

aquafina top

Attach the wire that has been looped to the top piece.  Also, drill two holes in the plastic cap and loop the wire for a hanger on the top making  sure it is twisted it on the inside of the cap.

aquafina bottom

Attach the wire pieces to the bottom.

aquafina bird feeder

I just love the whimsy of the loops on the wire, the bottle has been transformed into a fun bird feeder that looks like a carnival has come to town!

aquafina bottle bird feeder

We get a lot of birds in our backyard and it was so fun to get a customer just a few minutes after I hung it on the fence.  This little bird helped himself to a few nibbles however that photo was blurry (grrrr) so I decided to call it a day and use the photo that turned out.  LOL


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