Freebie Friday: Free Printable Greeting Card!

flatlay card feature

I got the urge to sort through a container of jewelry parts….the next thing you know I made a new greeting card.  Serendipity!

flatlay card supplies

I bought the metal arms and legs about 10 years ago and could never get myself to put them in a mixed media collage because I paid too much for them at a craft store. It is so cool to be able to use them over and over again in a greeting card that I photograph and print out.

flatlay card skirt

Isn’t it fun that the metal crown makes a fabulous skirt?  I have pages of face images I purchased on Etsy through the years and this lovely lady seemed to be perfect to lay on the top of the heart shaped pendant  that doubled for her torso.

flatlay card start 1

My first idea was lacking in inspiration!  However I liked how my little angel was looking.

flatlay card feature

I went scrounging through my scrapbook papers looking for something yellow to accent the yellow crescent framing her face.  WA LAH!  Chicken wire print paper in just the right size.  Chicken wire was the perfect metaphor…now she isn’t cooped up!

flatlay card feature

The card was complete with assorted pieces of font proclaiming :  FLY.  That word sometimes seems overused in collage art.  However there is no doubt it’s good advice when someone is about to enter a new phase of their life.  It’s a little frightening to step into the future when you are leaving what is known behind!


After printing on card stock you will need to trim approx 1/2″ on top and sides and 1″ from the bottom.

Flat Lay greeting Card FLY photo for pdf

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