Freebie Friday: Free Printable Almond Flour Cracker Recipe Greeting Card

almond flour crackers feature

I never thought I would attempt making crackers!  Now that I have tried this recipe and have made several batches I thought I would share it and make a free printable greeting card with the recipe on the back.

almond flour crackers  card back 1.jpg

I am avoiding wheat products since I discovered that I have a sensitivity to wheat in the last few years.  I had given up eating crackers and found this recipe when I really was hungry for them and got the idea to Google “almond flour crackers.”

I actually left out the salt the second batch and it didn’t seem to make a difference in the quality or taste since I am cutting my sodium any way I can.  After I went over the ingredients list I discovered that approximately 10 crackers contain over 200mg of potassium!  YAY!

The crackers are really easy to make.  They are great with soup and I love making a bowl of tuna salad and using it as a “dip” for the crackers…now that’s a yummy lunch!   I decided to share this recipe so I made a greeting card with the recipe on the back.

“I always think of you when I’m eating healthy”.  I could send this card to so many people, my Mom and my friends Dianna, Sue, Cathy and Laura.  They have all been on the nutrition band wagon for years.  Each of them has a special nutritional emphasis and I learn something from each of them.

Click and print as many copies of this greeting card as you want:


You will need to cut off 1/2 inch from the sides and top and 1 inch off the bottom after printing.

almond flour greeting card for jpeg for pdf














almond flour crackers

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