Freebie Friday: 3 Free Printable Greeting Cards

four cats feature

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent in my life going through card shops and leaving them a stack of silly cards.  Since I started making cards my best selling ones are sassy ones that friends send back and forth as a joke.


four cat cards start


I got this tote for 99cents at Home Goods and had fun cutting out the images to mount on cardstock.

four cat card design

The faces are adorable and I could just about “hear” what some of them were saying!  LOL


four IMG_20200331_0001

I have used this sentiment on other greeting cards that sell very well.  Talk about Catitude…. can’t you just hear the cat?


four cats

As the saying goes, curiousity killed the cat!


four IMG_20200402_0001

This little cat seems like the ultimate advice giver and maybe she’s a matchmaker too!

I spent 99cents on the tote and got all these images to repurpose, that’s a real bargain! I have a stack of greeting cards waiting for someone’s giggle.


four Hats off to you photo for pdf

four juicy printable card photo for pdf

four kibble card photo for pdf






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