Freebie Friday: Free Printable Greeting Card

jesus loves us feature

Do you love getting rid of old stuff that has been sitting around for years as much as me?  I have had so much fun lately filling boxes with stuff I probably never will use that folks have given me or I got at a garage sale.  I am selling those junk filled boxes in my Etsy shop and they are selling like hot cakes!

jesus loves us marbles

I was sorting a bag of clipart faces that are glued to a flat glass marble to add some variety to my “junk drawer ephemera box”.



I had a bag full of the marble faces and since I usually talk to myself….(not necessarily out loud) LOL, I was saying “I need you and you and you and you” as I filled my hand with the glass pieces.

That’s when serendipity hit!  I could visualize the faces on the front of a card…with the sentiment “Jesus Loves You!”  With the words YOU under each face.

My first version featured the faces with the glass marbles, however there was too much glass glare so my second version used the clip art faces without the glass.  I am so happy how the card turned out!

I hope everyone reading this knows that Jesus DOES love them.  I encourage anyone who thinks the words “Jesus Loves You” are just meaningless words….say it out loud: “Jesus do you love me?”  He will answer and let you know for certain.   Jesus is very interested in everyone, especially YOU!  He has a wonderful way of entering into our understanding but you have to ask Him first.

He has many ways to speak so we can hear.  I think the funniest example of Jesus speaking happened to my friend Sharon.  She was sitting in church but she wasn’t paying attention to the preacher.  Her mind was wandering and she was thinking about how to get out of doing something she felt God told her to do!  Suddenly her pierced earrings (the kind with posts)  fell out of her ears into her lap.  However, the impossible happened….the backs that secure the earrings were still on the posts!  She heard from Jesus LOL.

I am happy to say I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is real, He is my friend, and I am interested in knowing Him better every day.

I made a free printable of this card for you to print out as many times as you want!


jesus loves us photo for pdf





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