Repurposed Vogue Magazine Cover Craft #1: Lapel Pins

vogue lapel pins feature

I purchased a coffee table book featuring Vogue Magazine  covers from the early 1900’s.  When I looked through my book supplies the other day I got inspired to make some new crafts.

vogue lapel pins start

I used a tin container I got from Goodwill for the base of each of these lapel pins.  Tin is very easy to cut with wire cutter scissors like these:

vogue lapel pin start

You can find tin containers for a reasonable price and one lid makes a lot of projects.

vogue lapel glue stick

I use a glue stick that works on metal surfaces, regular glue sticks don’t always stick so the edges can lift.

Step One: rough cut the image and use a glue stick recommended for metal surfaces and glue the image to the tin.

Step Two:  Cut out the image close to the edges.

Step Three:  Cover the top of the image with a coat of Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge. (I use a blow dryer to get a quick seal.)

Step Four:  After the Diamond Glaze is fully dried, turn the tin piece over and attach a lapel pin finding.

vogue lapel pin card explanation

Step Five:  Cut out cardstock to fit your image.  To add provenance, I like to cut the bottoms of some of the book pages with “The Vogue Company” and attach them to the cardstock with gluestick.

vogue lapel pins feature

I love the sassy Art Deco look!  All these lapel pins came together in less than an hour… an easy craft that is both pretty and practical!



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