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These words were penned about 3,000 years ago by King David in Israel!  “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24.  Those are easy words to cheerfully say if everything is hunky dory in your life.  However there have been times when I have quoted that verse with steely determination on some very dark days.

Days fly by, so I have gotten in the habit to acknowledge the Lord first thing in the morning because it helps me focus.  I am living on a Big Blue Marble spinning in space.  I am here for a purpose and the next 24 hours are an opportunity to fulfil that purpose.

On those dark days when I quoted Psalm 118:24 out loud it was to confirm my belief that God is in control and everything will work out just fine.  When it is dark I am smart enough to go to the Light!  LOL

And guess what?  I survived the dark days and came out into days of sunshine.  Dark days might be around the corner again but the key is it is NEVER dark in my heart and mind.  WHY?

Because since I was 10 years old and asked Jesus to come into my heart He is there to hold my hand.  He knows what lurks around the corner because HE MADE THE DAY!  He knows what each hour will hold and He will get me through.  If you haven’t tried Jesus maybe this is the day you will.

Ask Him to forgive your sins, and He will!  Ask Him to come into your life and He will!

Every day is a beautiful day, even when the rain is blowing sideways here at the North Coast of Oregon.  Because life is so good and because each of us is on this planet for a purpose.  YAY!


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