Repurposed Vogue Magazine Cover Craft #2 : Necklace and Lapel Pin

vogue upcycle feature

This post is Part #2 of repurposing a coffee table book of early 1900’s Vogue Magazine covers.  I decided there might be a market for vintage Vogue items because vintage Vogue Magazines are a hot seller on Ebay.  These items are vintage Vogue with a modern twist!

vogue page start

I tore this page from the coffee table book and set aside the VOGUE at the top to use for my necklace idea.

vogue face start

I wanted to give an “artsy” feel to the lapel pin so I gave her a cool blunt cut.  LOL.

vogue lapel pin 3

Use a glue stick that works on metal, then you don’t have to worry about the image lifting from the edges OR bubbling when you apply the sealer on the top.

vogue necklace lapel pin

After she was finished, I added a sassy black earring!

vogue words for necklace

vogue words on artemboss

Using a glue stick formulated for metal, I attached the V O G U E letters to copper ArtEmboss and punched a hole in the top of each letter to attach to the necklace chain. Next, I punched holes in the bottoms to attach beads.

vogue upcycle feature

I tried to space the letters so they would still spell “Vogue” when the necklace is being worn.   Two Vogue Magazine crafts down, next post will be my final Vogue Magazine cover idea!


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