Mermaid Shrink Film Night Light

mermaid night light daytime


I found some more white shrink film pages I forgot about until I cleaned a shelf! I thought it would be fun to make a mermaid night light.


mermaid night light feature

When I was Googling “free mermaid clip art” I found this beautiful image that was a free tutorial for paper cutting.

the postmanknock. com

Click on the mermaid above and it will take you to ThePostman’ then you can download the image or click “Save Image” on the photo above to transfer to your computer.  FYI print the image on a full size piece of white Shrink Film size 11″ x 8.5″ because the images shrinks 50%.

mermaid night light print out light

I lightened the color a lot with the photo software in my computer because I have learned that the image colors intensify when they shrink.  If you don’t lighten it before printing it out your shrink film will be dark navy blue after it shrinks.  I use the “gamma” tool to lighten.  Gamma makes the color fade.

mermaid night light vellum top and bottom

Heat the oven to 300 degrees and place the shrink film on a piece of vellum AND cover it with a piece of vellum.  I use the same pieces of vellum over and over.

When I took the shrunk piece out of the oven, when it was still hot I draped it over the side of a saucepan so the piece would have a bit of a curve to it.

mermaid night light 2

mermaid night light 1

I bought some night light kits for crafters and all you do is squirt hot glue on the removable section that has a flat front and attach the shrink film piece.  The glue sets in a minute and you assemble the night light.  EASY!

mermaid night light daytime





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