Freebie Friday: Free Printable Live Slow Greeting Card

live slow greeting card feature

I finally have reached the age where I can follow the advice on this card!  Since I am rapidly hurtling towards 70 years old I find it is a welcome thought to slow down.  I am a workaholic and list maker.  It makes me happy to scratch up my paper with messy lines as I cross off accomplishments on my long list.

It’s funny how different animals get their time in the limelight and it seems like the spotlight is on sloths lately.  They sure are cute and innocent…and they are famous for moving slow.

Living slow means making deliberate decisions about what is important.  I think the phrase is actually a 2020 version of “stop and smell the roses.”

  • Begin your day the right way: eat right, make a plan, (I get focused having my coffee in my prayer chair with the Lord.)
  •  Declutter: there is something soothing having things in order with no messes distracting me so it is a lot easier to relax.
  • Connect with nature: plant a seed, take a walk.
  • Read a book, read the Bible 15 minutes a day.

Not everyday can be a “live slow” day but those days are definitely ones to recharge and refresh our souls.


live slow greeting card PHOTO FOR PDF



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