Repurposed Inspiration: Peach Napkins

peach napkin feature corel

We drove into Portland last week and I got to visit a Target store.  Our nearest Target is about 90 miles away!  I was so happy to find some adorable peach print cocktail napkins which I knew would make fun earrings.  When I played with the peaches, I came up with some other ideas to boot!


peachy keen napkins

I adhered the peaches to white tin pieces and they took about 1/2 hour to make.  Easy!

peach napkin feature corel

Step One:  Spray paint cookie tin with white paint.

Step Two:  Separate the napkin so you are left with the top ply.

Step Three:  Use glue stick to attach the napkin to the white tin.

Step Four:  Cut out using tin cutters and cover with Mod Podge or Judikins Diamond Glaze (my favorite)

Step Five:  After the glaze is dry, drill a hole and attach the fish hook earring finding.

peachy keen for zazzle 150ppi brightened and resized

The next thing I did was play with other peach pieces to make a “fabric”.  Recently I joined Zazzle as a designer and wanted to design a baby bib using the phrase “peachy keen”.  I cut out individual peaches and put them on some cardstock and took a picture adding my FREE magazine fonts.

peachy keen

All I had to do was download my “fabric” and Zazzle loads the image on the baby bib or HUNDREDS of other products.  I have so much fun stuff in my Zazzle store like pillows, canvas wall art, hoodies, greeting cards and baby bibs.   I started a Zazzle storefront if you want to check out the products I have made:


peachy keen card feature

The last project was a greeting card, it will be available for printing in a few days!

Thanks Target, for the inspiration!




    • Thanks! I haven’t looked at all the products you can put designs on….however when I saw that Zazzle has shower curtains I immediately thought how cool your quilts would look on one! I tried to make a shower curtain but I can’t figure the photo requirements. I guess there is a learning curve : ) Let me know if you start a store. NanasWorld has a store.

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