Freebie Friday: Free Printable Peachy Keen Greeting Card

peachy keen card feature

Several years ago I signed up to be a secret shopper.  I found it to be way too much work for the pay and only did one assignment.  The job was to go into the store pretending to be an actual customer and make sure there were extra hand baskets on the ends of the aisles. Another thing to check off was the friendliness of the clerks: did they greet me with “How are you today?” and hand my receipt with “Have a nice day” and a smile on their face.

Since that experience I like to answer the checkout person with a phrase they don’t hear often when they go on “automatic pilot” asking “How are you today”.  If it is raining outside I reply “Just ducky!”  More often than not, the checker looks up with a curious smile and a comment they never hear that!

Two more phrases I use to escape the banality of the interaction between the unknown checker and me are “I’m just hunky-dory” and my favorite: “I’m just peachy-keen.”

There used to be a checker at our local Rite-Aid named Nisha and when I was still 4 customers away from being in front of her cash register she would catch my eye and raise her voice to exclaim “It’s raining outside you must be ‘Just Ducky’ today”.  The other folks in line would turn to see who she was addressing!

I thought it would be fun to make a free printable greeting card with that phrase on it for you to brighten someone’s day.  Click and print as many copies as you want!


peachy keen jpeg for pdf




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