Super Easy Beachy Postage Stamp Earring Tutorial

postage stamp fish

I asked Karyn who runs our local post office if she had any “beachy” postage stamps and she handed me these sweet postcard stamps.  I think they made darling earrings perfect for a day sunbathing on the sand.




heart stamp feature

She also showed me these new “forever” stamps so I made them into earrings at the same time.

postage starmps start

Since the stamps are self adhering, it couldn’t be easier to make them…I didn’t even need to use my new “favorite” glue stick formulated to stick to metal.  I used the bottom of a cookie tin as a base for them and these wire cutters cut the tin as if it was paper…just watch the sharp edges of the tin while you are cutting.



postage stamp step one

Step One: place the stamps on the tin.

Step Two: Cut them out allowing the edges to show and round the corners slightly after you have them cut out.


postage stamp step two

Step Three: drill or punch holes in top (and bottom if you are going to attach beads).

I cut lengths of chain 1/2″, 1″, and 1 1/2″ long and attached small plastic beads in complimentary colors.

postage stamp fish

Both earring sets took 1/2 hour to make.  I love using unexpected craft supplies to make OOAK jewelry.  Aren’t these so fun and BEACHY?

Thanks to USPS for an unexpected craft material!

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