Freebie Friday Free Printable Thank You Greeting Card

thank you card

Recently we were invited to a little dinner party by our friends John and Laura.  They are the kind of folks who are very laid back and you know there is going to be a lot of laughter!  The other guests were our dear friends Lee and Sue so the dinner was more like a family reunion.

The meal featured shrimp curry and since my husband is a HUGE fan of curry he was on top of the world in anticipation.  In fact we went to the store the next day and he purchased all the ingredients to recreate the yummy curry.

Laura invested a lot of time chopping vegetables, making saffron rice, and two versions of rhubarb strawberry pie…one gluten free for Sue and me.  It was a true labor of love and although she could see how much we appreciated all her work,  I wanted to send her a little thank you note to surprise her in the mail box.

It is so special to have relationships with folks who are also brothers and sisters in the Lord that happen to all be on the same page about many topics.  We left their home with a smile in our hearts plus my hubby is filled with inspiration to make a Laura’s version of curry.

Thank you Laura and John for a fun and relaxing night!



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